CR7 provides immediate facts verification and overall fraud intention detection through unique voice analysis platform, to improve your risk scoring model and reduce uncertainty.

Improving Credit Risk Assessment

In the field of credit risk assessment, the LVA technology is used to verify current facts and examine existing financial and intentional state, to render low, medium or high “risk analysis” for every question. This way, CR7 improves the risk formula with more reliable inputs, and identify potential fraudsters before they have the option to operate.

Why incorporate CR7 into your Risk Scoring model?

    Verify past events
+ Verify current information
+ Identify potential sensitivities
Improved Risk Model

As in any risk model based on LVA, we aim to examine past behaviors with current situation, identify sensitivities surrounding key topics, and use all these indications to make better estimates for the future.

Improve Your Risk Assessment Model with CR7

  • Increase Collectible Loans

    Increase your potential profits by approving more collectible loans.  Identify Medium Risk applications from the group of those who would normally be disqualified and now can be approved based on positive intentions and truthfulness.

  • Reduce Bad Debts

    Identifying potential fraud and reduce unpaid loans of those who would normally be “approved” and now are identified as extra risk or fraud potential.

Improving Credit Risk Assessment

How CR7 Works With Your System?

Improved decisions with minimal changes to the workflow

  • 1. Scripted Questionnaire

    The agent goes through a scripted questionnaire, over the phone, with the applicant. This questionnaire will be phrased just a bit different than your current questionnaire.

  • 2. Voice Analysis

    CR7 analyzes the applicants’ voice in real-time and detects their emotional reactions.

  • 3. Refines the Risk Scoring Model

    CR7 determines the “Risk Level” for every question and refines your risk scoring model.

  • 4. System Recommendation

    The agent receives a statistically optimized “Grant” / “Reject” decision from the system.

Important: CR7 is not a crystal ball. Bad things happen sometimes to good people, and applicants that were not sure about their ability can somehow find a way out and indeed, repay their loan on time. CR7 aim is to improve the statistical nature of the credit risk business, and reduce the uncertainty portion of the actuary side.

CR7 Implementation Options 

  • Target Customers: Credit & loans companies, Banks

  • Target Partners: OEM Companies

  • SDK - CR7 core technology integrated into your legacy system
  • CR7 side by side - running CR7 application together with your current solution
  • CR7 system - implementing your risk scoring model inside CR7 system