RA7 system for risk assessment detects in insurance claim calls the unique vocal characteristics that may indicate a high probability of fraud or concealment of information.

Know Your Customers


RA7 solutions are designed as a combination of software elements and carefully designed conversation scripts made to cover each insurance case from all angles, measuring the claimant’s emotional reactions and consistent indications for the list of relevant topics.

•  Identify fraudulent claims in real-time

•  See effective results from day one

•  Get a realistic picture of the current level of fraud

•  100% calls coverage  maximum detection

•  Minimal training and mentoring (agents and managers)

Unbiased • Informing • Precise

The RA7 Software


RA7 is installed on claim handlers’ PCs, and connects the PC to the phone using Nemesysco’s special phone connector or VOIP interface.

To operate RA7, a copy of the RA7 software is installed on the agent’s PC and connects to the physical phone using Nemesysco's physical or software based phone connector.

Should the RA7 analysis engine identify a topic which carries a significant emotional load and repeating risk indications, it will be flagged for deeper investigation. This way, through a simple phone call, all incoming claims can be screened in real-time for potential fraud, with no extra burden on the existing business process - and effectively prepare the grounds for a deeper investigation should there be a need for it.

RA7 Objectives

  • Increase Fraud Detection Rates

    Significantly increase your organization’s fraud detection rates

  • Improve Customer Service

    Improve your customer service and speed up claims settlement time

  • Improve Fraud Detection Process

    Streamline & standardize your risk detection and management processes

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RA7 Operational Models

RA7 Professional Services

Risk Management services with RA7

In some territories, Nemesysco cooperates with professional 3rd parties dedicated service centers, easing the RA7 integration into your claim processing system. Please contact us to learn more about this venue and its availability in your territory, or if you wish to operate a Nemesysco service center in your region.

In-House RA7

The technology and processes are used by the insurer’s staff and managed internally:

  • Phase 1:  Call Center Agents use tailored conversation script for each type of claim handled by phone.
  • Phase 2:  Claims manager Quickly identify claims with repeating risk indications. Clear quickly Low Risk clients for payment.
  • Phase 3:  Special Investigations Unit (SIU) follow leads Investigations quality improves: Less irrelevant cases to follow / Investigators can conduct telephone interviews with RA7 online analysis, saving expensive time and resources.