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Odisha: Crime Branch submits chargesheet in parcel blast case

Odisha. Crime Blog, February 1, 2019

"We invited experts from the central forensic science laboratory in Delhi to conduct the LVA on Meher as he did not give his consent to undergo lie detection test...The test was successful as Meher confessed to committing the offence”

HR Future: Voice analysis will help you choose the ideal candidate

HR in Russian. Personnel Manager Blog, November 1, 2018

"Voice analysis will help you choose the ideal candidate. Multilevel Voice Analysis - LVA (LayeredVoiceAnalysis) technology.
One of the new methods that came to Russia from Israel is the evaluation of the intonation parameters of the candidate’s voice. LVA technology analyzes the smallest, inaccessible to the human ear, changes in the vocal characteristics of a respondent’s voice during testing, when he answers special questions.”

DBSS, India Brings Layered Voice Analysis (LVA™) from Nemesysco, Israel in India

SecurityLink India , May 1st, 2017

DB Secure Solution Private Limited (DBSS) India has recently entered into a distribution partnership with Nemesysco, Israel for the distribution and promotion of Layered Voice Analysis (LVA™) in Indian civilian and corporate markets. 

Shimla lab to have brain-mapping facility

Bhanu P Lohumi , March 13, 2017

The move will go a long way in providing scientific evidence in cases. Apart from brain mapping, the suspect detection system (SDS), a technique in which censors touch the body to know the response if the accused is telling the truth or lying, and layered voice analysis (LVA) will also be introduced in the forensic lab to have all related investigating tools under one roof.