Press Releases

DBSS and Nemesysco announced the partnership agreement...

Press Release, April 30, 2017

 " The agreement will open the door for India's cooperation and civilian sector to enjoy Nemesysco's state of the art solutions for recruitment, fraud prevention and quality monitoring."


Aizan partners with Nemesysco for emotive analytics

Press Release, April 1, 2015

 "Aizan (, a leading cloud based voice solution provider, is pleased to announce its partnership with Nemesysco Ltd. ( Nemesysco is the leading provider of emotive voice analysis technologies and solutions powered by the “QA5 emotion sensing” patented technology. By partnering with Nemesysco, Aizan adds emotive analytics to a wide range of standard voice analytics."


Nemesysco releases RA7, a new end-to-end insurance and financial fraud prevention solution

Press Release, February 23, 2011; Netanya, Israel

RA7 is an open architecture platform that integrates into the contact center environment and guides the operators through a set of carefully designed conversation scripts, while analyzing the callers' voice for emotional indications of risk. RA7 automatically generates a report per case to indicate its final risk level and suggests topics for further investigation by formal means. Managers and investigators can then review the reports, listen to the recorded interview and reach a decision faster, thereby expediting the time spent on each case. RA7 helps to focus attention on cases more prone to contain elements of risk, while on the other hand resolve low risk cases much faster and serve the customers better, preserving and enhancing company's image.


Nemesysco and Beijing Caifu Jiamei Technology team up to promote voice analysis in China

Press Release, March 24, 2008 


Nemesysco’s voice analysis technology helps detect mental stress

Press Release, September 10, 2007 

A new study, presented at the 2007 World Conference of Stress, finds Nemesysco’s LVA reliable for detecting mental stress.