Official press release 

“Nemesysco releases RA7, a new end-to-end insurance and financial fraud prevention solution.” 

Nemesysco Ltd., the leading provider of voice analysis technologies for the security and financial markets announced today the release of Nemesysco's new anti-fraud and risk assessment system, RA7.

RA7 is an open architecture platform that integrates into the contact center environment and guides the operators through a set of carefully designed conversation scripts, while analyzing the callers' voice for emotional indications of risk. RA7 automatically generates a report per case to indicate its final risk level and suggests topics for further investigation by formal means. Managers and investigators can then review the reports, listen to the recorded interview and reach a decision faster, thereby expediting the time spent on each case. RA7
helps to focus attention on cases more prone to contain elements of risk, while on the other hand resolve low risk cases much faster and serve the customers better, preserving and enhancing company's image.
"RA7 was released for a small number of beta sites since November last year, and the responses we receive are just phenomenal, beyond our expectations." commented Mr. Amir Liberman, CEO Nemesysco and added: "We now see the results of 14 years of research, development and market feedback". RA7 is powered by Nemesysco's own developed Layered Voice Analysis (LVA), a patented technology.


Nemesysco Ltd. Is the leading provider of voice analysis and emotion detection technologies, for the security and financial markets. Nemesysco's LVA (Layered Voice Analysis) technology detects the emotional content of a conversation, in real-time or from recorded materials, enabling analysis of different types of stress, cognitive processes and various emotional reactions. Nemesysco's products are implemented in a wide variety of applications for law enforcement, homeland security, insurance and banks fraud prevention, employee screening, call center quality monitoring, healthcare and entertainment. Nemesysco is a privately held company, founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Netanya, Israel.

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