Technology Research 

A Robotic KANSEI Communication System Based on Emotional Synchronization 

Tatsuya Usui, Kazuomi Kume, Misaki Yamano and Minoru Hashimoto, Member, IEEE.

September, 2008

Abstract - Human-robot communication is an important subject for housekeeping, elderly care and entertainment robots. To make a natural communication entrainment between human and robot emotions plays a vital role. From this view point we propose to make a KANSEI communication system based on emotional synchronization. We developed a robotic KANSEI communication system using entrainment of dynamics, and its effectiveness was examined by experiments of human-robot communication. The robotic emotion was entrained to human emotion by using a vector field of dynamics. The robotic facial expression using a communication robot “Kamin_FA1” was realized dynamically based on the robotic emotion. In the experiment of communication, the human impression was changed by the strength of synchronization of robot. Then we confirmed that this method could utilize human-robot communication to keep a comfortable state.

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