Lie Detector to target claimants

Testimonial, November 11, 2007

 "Aizan (www.aizan.com), a leading cloud based voice solution provider, is pleased to announce its partnership with Nemesysco Ltd. (www.nemesysco.com). Nemesysco is the leading provider of emotive voice analysis technologies and solutions powered by the “QA5 emotion sensing” patented technology. By partnering with Nemesysco, Aizan adds emotive analytics to a wide range of standard voice analytics."

Donation of Voice Analysis Technology

Testimonial, June 23, 2009;

"The softwar will be a tremendous asset to our research work on assistive and service robots... Thanks again for your kind donation and your commitment to academic research."

Nemesysco are used by certain Israeli Authorities

Testimonial, April 10, 2011 

"Please be advised that Nemesysco Ltd. is an authorized, security related company and such is performing its activities under the law and regulations of the State of Israel."

Nemesysco Layered Voice Stress Technology in South Africa

Testimonial, March 7, 2011 

"Theh Internal Integrity Unit (IIU) of the SIU has been using Nemesysco Layered Voice Stress Technology as an investigative tool since 2010... The IIU wish to confirm our satisfaction with the technology developed by Nemesysco and is pleased to serve as a reference if so required."