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The Power of Voice: Managerial Affective States and Future Firm Performance


Speech Technology COVER STORY: LVA - The New Fraud Detector?


Time Europe Magazine COVER STORY: How To Spot a Liar?


Aviation Security International Magazine COVER STORY: Lie Detection and Stress Analysis: technology to the rescue


Odisha: Crime Branch submits chargesheet in parcel blast case

Odisha. Crime Blog, February 1, 2019

"We invited experts from the central forensic science laboratory in Delhi to conduct the LVA on Meher as he did not give his consent to undergo lie detection test...The test was successful as Meher confessed to committing the offence”

HR Future: Voice analysis will help you choose the ideal candidate

HR in Russian. Personnel Manager Blog, November 1, 2018

"Voice analysis will help you choose the ideal candidate. Multilevel Voice Analysis - LVA (LayeredVoiceAnalysis) technology.
One of the new methods that came to Russia from Israel is the evaluation of the intonation parameters of the candidate’s voice. LVA technology analyzes the smallest, inaccessible to the human ear, changes in the vocal characteristics of a respondent’s voice during testing, when he answers special questions.”

DBSS, India Brings Layered Voice Analysis (LVA™) from Nemesysco, Israel in India

SecurityLink India , May 1st, 2017

DB Secure Solution Private Limited (DBSS) India has recently entered into a distribution partnership with Nemesysco, Israel for the distribution and promotion of Layered Voice Analysis (LVA™) in Indian civilian and corporate markets. 

Shimla lab to have brain-mapping facility

Bhanu P Lohumi , March 13, 2017

The move will go a long way in providing scientific evidence in cases. Apart from brain mapping, the suspect detection system (SDS), a technique in which censors touch the body to know the response if the accused is telling the truth or lying, and layered voice analysis (LVA) will also be introduced in the forensic lab to have all related investigating tools under one roof. 


Nemesysco’s technology in service of fraud prevention - according to Welt am Sonntag

Welt am Sonntag , June 21, 2015

Nemesysco’s technology is mentioned side by side with a list of innovative technologies which were developed to enhance our life. Nemesysco’s technology is described with its capability to detect fraud in the call center of any insurance company - at the first point of contact with the client.


Nemesysco was selected as one of the 10 promising Fintech Companies for 2015 

Globe's Capital Market Conference,  June 2, 2015, Tel-Aviv

Voice 70 high-tech companies participated in the "Most Promising Fintech Companies for 2015" competition, during Globe's Capital Market Conference that took place on June 2nd in Tel-Aviv. 10 companies including Nemesysco were selected to present in front of the top financial managers in Israel and delegations from around the world. The panel of judges, combined of selected members from the Israeli banking and high-tech industries, pointed that voice analysis technologies are becoming a significant tool for fraud detection.

Moscow Authorities to use LVA-i for “Honesty Maintenance” testing for their Employees

RG.RU, Russia, May 23, 2014

The Moscow city council reported to choose LVA-i system (locally known as “K-Factor") for its internal vetting and periodical validating procedures.

"- The advantage of voice analyzers is the speed of their work - for the study of one man they just 20-30 minutes, while the classic polygraph it lasts from 2 to 3 hours, - told the "RG" head of the First Division of the Department of Competition Policy, Sergei Raskatov . - That is, people can first be tested for speech analyzer and, in case of doubt in their responses, continue to work on a polygraph. If the analyzer did not suspect anything, while the polygraph is not wasted, and you can check a larger number of people."


Censeo recommends applying LVA pre-investigation risk assessment for “rule-base engines” prioritized claims

FA News, 06 May, 2015

A case study published by Censeo recommends applying new methodologies of using LVA-iRA7 as a pre-investigation risk assessment step with insurance claims that were previously flagged by “data mining and rule-based algorithms”.

The case study results, published on May 6th, show a highly significant reduction of expenses associated with unnecessary investigation procedures, as well as improved customer service side effect. With average handling charges of about 1,000 $ per case (including airfares, accommodation and labor), the total additional savings Censeo was able to show to its customers toped the $20 Million marker in 1 year.


mumbai mirror logo

New voice tests to nail Shakti Mills monsters

Mumbai Mirror, India, Aug 28, 2013

“Voice analysis of the Shakti Mills rape accused to determine whether they are lying, potency tests on them so that the defense cannot say they are incapable of rape, swab analysis, DNA matching....the Mumbai crime branch is leaving no stone unturned to collect evidence against the five rapists who have been apprehended in the Shakti Mills case.” “While one team from Gujarat, with its Central and Mumbai counterparts, is combing the crime scene for clues, another team from Gujarat is doing Voice Layered Analysis, something only exclusively available with them.” “VLA helps, to a large extent, in finding out if the accused are lying or hiding the facts while being interrogated, said experts. "Voice samples are recorded during both casual and serious conversation and then analyzed. The standard deviation helps experts assess whether the accused are lying or hiding the facts," said Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime, Himanshu Roy. The first phase of the tests was carried out on Tuesday.”


Mumbai gang-rape case: Rapists assaulted 4 other women in past 6 months

The Times Of India, Mumbai, Aug 28, 2013

 “Sources said the Gujarat FSL team led by Dr S Acharya conducted psychological tests on the accused. "Voice-Layered Analysis (VLA) is a test in which we record the voice of an accused in normal condition and then ask him to talk in unusual circumstances which helps us understand whether he is telling the truth or not," explained an FSL official. It is not admissible evidence, but helps investigate.”


Gangrape accused earlier raped two in Shakti Mills: Police

The Economic Times, India, Aug 27, 2013

“As forensic experts scoured the mill compound for more evidence, the accused were subjected to a Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) test, which is designed for truth verification and detection of deceit.”


Private Investigators Share Some Tricks of the Trade

Family Lawyer Magazine, July 12, 2013

“The LVA 6.50 is currently being used by over 75 law enforcement agencies including the United States Department of Defense, and the United States Secret Service. It is also utilized by several insurance companies with help from special investigation units. Family lawyers could use this analysis when interviewing key witnesses during trial preparation.”


Speech Technology COVER STORY: LVA - The New Fraud Detector?

Speech Technology Magazine, Volume 17 - Number 2, March/April 2012

"...LVA can optimize truth verification, expose malicious intnetions, provide risk assessment and reveal emotions.”


DFS gets country's first layered voice analysis system

The Times Of India, March 4, 2012

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